"This is easy"

Last year, during a time period that I was working very productively, I remember having the thought: This is easy. And the thought triggered a sense of ease (and productivity, focus, etc.). This year, on occasion, I will again notice that I’m having that same thought and feeling. But most of the time, when I intentionally think the thought: “This is easy”, my next thoughts are “No it’s not,” “This isn’t easy at all,” etc. I can’t seem to get myself to believe it’s easy. I was going to ask what to do in this situation, which I’ve been going round and round with for months. It just occurred to me: When I don’t believe “This is easy,” I could choose a ladder thought instead, such as “I’m open to believing this could be easy,” or “I want to believe this is easy,” or “I can find a part of this that’s easy,” or “If I just work on this for 1 minute, that will be easy.” Woohoo! Sometimes, I feel like there is something magical about being on the Ask A Coach page and typing things into the Ask Question box. 🙂