This is just something I do.

I am working on stopping overeating. I had gone six days where I wrote out my protocol the night before and then followed through. Each morning I journaled on what went well. Doing this made me feel proud and accomplished and fueled my action to continue. Yesterday, I encountered some frustrations at work: micro-managing of simple expense reports, demanding and somewhat ungrateful customers and double confirmed appointments canceled after a long drive to a different city. My first reaction was to overeat. Then I checked in with myself and said this is not hunger. I continued on with my day, driving to my next appointment trying to distract myself from the urge to overeat. In hindsight I know I was distracting, just being honest here. Eventually, I did go to 7/11 and bought the junk food and broke my protocol. Please help me build the “now what model”….side note I’m loving myself through this and I am going to keep showing up.

C distracting self, rather than sit with feeling
T overeating is something I just do every x amount of days
F deserving
A go to 711 and buy junk food
R break protocol and physically feel awful

I guess I’m asking how do I get rid of the thought: overeating is just something I do every x amount of days. As I write this, I’m realizing perhaps I need a bridging thought? Thanks for your guidance.