This is not easy asking this question

I am realizing that I have an abandonment wound and a deep rage of how I was treated as a child. I am taking the steps to process this but I have fear that this wound will just keep holding me back from fullfilling a lot of my needs and wants and dreams. This abandonment wound is extremely painful and the child in me asks “when will this go away?” I have come in touch with it over my life but I guess I can say now I can soothe it and still feel I am worthy even though I feel it. I am in involved with Somatic Experiencing- Trauma work and it is not like this hits me all the time but I wonder what advice life coaches can give me. There is so much I have learned about me being a scholar and my last 40 min session was part of the abandonment trigger that I do see as another door opening for me to process this raw pain. My brain wants to protect me from any input that could put me in a more troubled state. I will always reach out. Just could use some human feed back