This is too much

Hi there. So I am definitely not new to overwhelm.

When I am involved in a cognitive task, say learning math, I tend to end up there. I start reading and welcoming the new information. Then at some point I see my brain simply going to “this is too much,” from which I create the desire to quit.

Now, when we do these kind of activities we are sure we cannot go on forever, at some point our brain gets overloaded and our efficiency stalls.
So now I am wondering whether we are all meant to follow a model like this. Meaning we take a break when the incoming material exceeds the capacities of our brain in the moment, or whether it is optional.

Could you please suggest me some alternatives / how to work around this

T: this is too much -> F overwhelm -> A: break ?

How do you approach overwhelm in these cases? Following SCS teachings I am trying to look for underlying fears I might have, but I haven’t been able to spot one in particular. I’d be grateful to receive some hint! thanks