"this isn’t sustainable"

I’ve noticed for a while (like over a year), I’ve had the thought: “this isn’t sustainable” when it comes to the childcare interruptions, longevity of Covid, and overall difference in my life, career, social life, etc. since covid.

I realized today, that, in fact… it is “sustainable.” as I have completely sustained this life.

It’s been 18 months of sustaining it.

I think the thought is really fighting against it.

I don’t want “this” version of my life.

The fear of people getting sick, the school closures, the life interruptions.

My thoughts about it are what feels unsustainable.

As I’m working through these models, I feel like I’ve made some traction… but I also miss socializing with friends and so much of the pre-covid life.

What kind of IM could I move into with this?