This Joy Thing

So this Joy thing is the real deal.
And I’m not faking it
My kids are even more joyful now (toddler twins) and I so get that they are responding to me.
And it is a time a covid19
And my business is changing and there is some work to do, and it will have me meet myself in a way I have yet to met myself. I am still going to hit my goal – and with more joy.
So it is exciting.

And I can forget that there are people who are suffering and struggling. Yes I read the news I keep up on what is going on, and, I’m really understanding after almost 4 months of this Scholars stuff that it is all circumstance.

When I remember that there are people suffering, sometimes I can just be with that. Other times there are feeling of guilt.

To be clear – It doesn’t take away from the hard work of meeting myself and sitting with sh*t, and taking responsibility. (Huge) but there is this thing … .

Can I really enjoy it and really bask in joy when so many others are not? I know the answer is yes…. and getting there is my next thing.

C – Joy
t – can I really enjoy it when so many others are not?
F – guilt
A – get onto scholars coaching a&a and clear this out
R – Moving in the direction I want to move with my awareness and feeling.

I’m not ready to do the IM yet. I can feel the guilt and I can feel the joy. And I’m a fascinated at my ability to feel both and not be going into a spin. So progress overall.

Thanks for your feedback.