this months planing

hi there
so i loved this month. i made so many things happen! instead of only watching netflix every night. so thank you for that!
i did pretty good up until easter weeknd. at that weekend i had so many friends coming over so that i just chilled and did nothing.
and now after on week i’m back and doing the best. not focussing on the time i didn’t to it.
but i can’t help but notice that the hardest thing on this planning goal is that i have to make so many decisions and i want to make the best decision that means for me using my time as best as i can.

so the planning during the week is easy because i only got the time after work i can plan.
i always have those things:
eat dinner
send out cv
scs homework

and then its already time to sleep.
and sometimes i forget to plan to shower or stuff like that. i forget to plan the normal stuff.

and also on the weekends the planning is much harder for me.
because i have so much time, i have to make more decisions. and i make a poorly plan. i don’t plan the details. i just put in something in my calender like the things i do during the week. i know i can do better. i just need some advice here. what do you do?
i want to know i have reached the best i can do. i know i can do better. and thats what makes my frustrated.

thanks for helping.