‘This Must Be A Setup’

I managed to lose all the extra weight I had by using the stop overeating tools you offer here. Thank you for that!

My next goal for September is to complete a 1st draft of a TV pilot script.
Mind you, I’ve never done this before. In fact, for the last five years I’ve done all in my power to avoid doing that.
Then I came across a Reddit conversation where someone asked how long does it take a professional TV writer to write a first draft of a TV episode script, and several professionals answered there that when you are hired in a writer’s room, you are expected to hand a completed script within a week, so you write the outline of the episode over one day, and then you write the script itself over a week, while completing about 8 pages a day.

My brain freaked out (‘That is not possible!) and so I knew I was onto something.
I then said, well, clearly many professional TV writers manage to do it, if they put the time. And time I know I’ve got, so what if it was possible?

So I blocked out yesterday entire day, shut down my phone, did self-coaching, read mantras, and what not, and sat down to write an outline for the TV show I would like to write.
When I decided it was good enough and done, I raised my eyes to the clock and it was 45 minutes since I started.
And this is what my brain told me next:

‘Are you kidding yourself? You think you are done? People sit for an entire day! You did not do it ever and you think you are done in 45 minutes? You gotta be kidding! You must have written trash! This must be a setup!’

But the truth is that I actually loved the outline I came up with. But it just did not make sense that it could be good unless it took eight or ten long hours.

How do I know if my brain’s cry is actually an intuition or that it may be that 45 minutes is all it took for me to write an outline and that it doesn’t mean it’s trash?