this weekend

hi there
So this weekend I acted like a bitch towards my bf and I don’t like myself for it.  I held a ted talk about how he has to care for his relationships meaning family and friends. And it was an aggressive speech. I told him things like “do you want to end up like your father. without any friends”. That’s soo nasty of me!

I don’t want to behave like this. Whenever he doesn’t care for himself and he pities himself, I get kind of aggressive and tell him what he needs to do.

I want to change it. I’m sick of it.  But the urge to tell him what he could do better is sooo strong.  And honestly I don’t like him not having any friends. It’s just so boring and it’s more fun with friends and it’s important.

How can I not give into my urge and just accept him as he is in those moments?  Especially when he whines about it..

Thanks for helping me with that!