Thorny Business Question – Part 2

LOL! Ok. So after MUCH thought work (“WTH?!? She DOES want me to continue scamming people!”) I realized I was actively hating this business and awfulizing it – so I could leave. Like “Well, I didn’t want to jump ship, but it was on fire – so I was forced to”. The reality is that I know, for a fact, that there are LEVELS in the market that I’m in – and if I focus on serving people in this market with value … sure, the “get rich” part of the market may not be attracted to me … but the people who DO want to put in effort and actually create their own side-hustle will be attracted to me. I think I was fearful because it takes me from being a “transactional” sales person (“Buy This Next Exciting Deal”) hiding behind my computer… to putting myself/face in front of other humans. That feels “vulnerable and scary” especially since some people (my family, friends, bloggers, etc.) do see anything in this market as “scammy”. There’s so much fear – I think it made sense to my brain to focus on the worst parts, blow it up so huge that any outside observer would HAVE to say … “OMG! You have to get out NOW!” I’ve seen people in this industry leading with value – but they’ve had to be so vulnerable and take so many slings & arrows – I’ve been like… “If THAT’S what the legitimate side of this business looks like, I need to find a way out. Oh look… my ship is on fire! YAY!”

So I’ve been looking at what other people are doing to lead with value… and I actually now see an opportunity to even integrate life coaching INTO this business, too. So that it’s not “either or” – but a combination of the two. Heck, who knows… maybe that’s a coaching niche that will develop over time. Helping my “side-hustle” people get over their own fears and procrastination to get real results.

Anyway, thank you for your response. I had to re-read it MULTIPLE times for it to sink it and not think you were crazy. But once I got it, it makes sense. Now to do some models on my fearful thoughts about vulnerability and being judged. Upward and onward! 😀