Am I doing a thorough thought download? CLR

I’ve been in scholars since September and I’ve been doing the daily activities. My question is really about whether I am doing thorough enough thought downloads and models. Sometimes my thoughts seem so superficial. They seem trivial and even optimistic, not at all the deep, emotional thoughts that I thought I needed to work on. Is this okay or normal? I know I need to work on things in my life to break through and take on the impossible goals. Sometimes I feel like even my feelings in the F line are pretty trivial and superficial, yet I have so many things to work on. I want to really break through to get to the real and deep thoughts but I feel like I am just scratching the surface. I’m not really seeing the ugly. Maybe I’m just not nearly as wacky as I think I am! 🙂 Is there a routine or activity that puts the mind in the right state for doing this? I do my thought downloads in the morning after I wake up.