Though download follow up

Okay so I started working today on interrupting the negative thoughts and practicing the new thoughts. A large majority of the old thoughts bring strong negative feelings and so today I tried feeling here feelings- breathing, describing them to myself. I really felt a ton of nervousness and a lot of overwhelm and was interesting to notice the different vibration different feelings bring.
My follow up question is should I be interrupting these thoughts before I get the the feeling? I think I’m interrupting the model at the feeling. Negative thought, negative feeling, then reminding myself to think the new positive thought while at the same time trying to sit with the negative feeling. My brain does not like this! Ha. So just want to make sure I have it right. Do I need to experience my feeling and describe it to myself or do I tell myself “ this thought is no longer serving us the new thought is…” or do I tell myself “I can feel any emotion, this is worry, I feel it in my chest etc”
I know I’ve heard you talk about both just not sure when to do what or to do them at the same time.

Also I realized sometimes I’m having an intense emotion and it’s hard for me to stop and do thought Work- especially when I’m taking care of kids. In these situations do I just allow the feeling and breathe through it and then later find he thought? Or do you always try to find the thought in the situation?