Thought becomes a lie?

Good morning, Brooke,

I’m circling back around to really allowing feelings (and urges).
In doing a model this morning, I really worked to find the F. With this one , as I allowed all the desire to run screaming from whatever was going on, I seemed to just calm down inside and the thought no longer appeared true. I didn’t really ever get a word for a feeling that seemed accurate, so the model is incomplete. My answer? The thought was just indulgent to begin with, a buffer to avoid getting on with the work of planning today’s events and whatever discomfort that might bring. Am I missing something?

C – Yesterday’s events
T- I spend too much time on self-care.
F- (initially just a wild vibration I want AWAY FROM. Faded to nothing, really, as I allowed that.)
A – allowing?
R – ??

Your thoughts?