Thought behind overeating

I have numerous thought downloads and models on why I overeat. I have still only come up with there is discomfort from something that I am trying to avoid by buffering in this way. I avoid carbs and sugar for the main meal and then sabotage my choices by eating sugar and/or carbs after I finish my meal.

Today I realized I am extremely uncomfortable the next day because of how I feel physically. I am very bloated and also because the scale has gone up. I don’t seem to be able to avoid this feeling the next day and feel worse than when I was eating the night before.  Here is my latest model:

C: I ate dinner and I’m now done with my plate of food
T: I will just eat a little more
F: uncomfortable? Not sure about what
A: over eat, eat way more than a little and keep going back for more little by little l, only overeat carbs or sugar
R: feel uncomfortable the next day even though I was trying to avoid discomfort the night before

The result really resonated with me, I felt like it clicked into place. I am not absolutely sure that I did the model correctly but I do feel like I have a better handle on my action of eating more than I planned.  May I have some feedback on my Model?  Thank you!