Thought Block

Hi Brooke,

I had recently written to you about by boss and his feelings about my team. As an update, I had to attend a meeting yesterday with him and our COO to address his concerns with my department and the changes that he would like to see. Although the meeting was somewhat painful (due to the changes that he would like in the future) I went into it with an open mind and did a model about the situation and was able to not let my emotions and frustration come through. I was open to listening, sharing my opinion and I walked out feeling like I am about to climb a mountain and my brain hurt LOL.
I went back to my desk and did a brain dump and was amazed to see that I could create a path up the mountain in a very methodical way and I started to feel empowered and realized that I could handle this project. In fact , my Boss wrote me a thank you note and left it on my desk with words of encouragement and that he has faith in my abilities.
Here is where I am at today, We had another meeting and reviewed several of the aspects of the project that I was able to categorize and I could see the vision and we were all moving in the same direction. By the end of the day though, I felt mentally drained and I almost can’t think. It’s like I have had thought overload and now my brain has had enough and wants a break. How can I get myself mentally clear again? What type of exercises can I use to help remove thought overwhelm and not feel blocked. I almost feel like I don’t know where to go next. I can’t figure out the first baby step to take to get the ball rolling. I am not even sure how to do a model on this ( because I can’t think straight). I would love your input on this.
I can’t tell you how much I have grown since joining Scholars! I can’t imagine my life without this, I log in daily and just keep learning and I love it.
Your the best Brooke and thank you for what you do.. you are changing lives!

Joyce C