Thought breakthrough: big goals through my life

I listened today to the bonus training of February 2016 on your podcast and it lead me to a breakthrough. You talk about how at 25, we start believing we can not do stuff we’ve never done before. I think that’s what happened to me, only it happened at 45 last year, and that’s what brought me to you. I was feeling bad without knowing why. I thought it was maybe a midlife crisis, or menopause, or anticipating being an empty nester in a few years, or all of that together. But now I think it was not allowing myself to have a big professional goal. Since I finished high school I always had one, accomplished it 3 or 4 years later, and then had a new one, etc… until 2 years ago. Something happened at work that threw me of balance and all my insecurities took over. I chose new personal goals: learn music, loose weight with you. Both are going great, and I feel much better, but now I know that it was only a distraction, or an exercice, a warming up for my true professional goal. The one I chose as my impossible 2018 goal two weeks ago. Now I know my brain didn’t pick it randomly. It is not optional. It may be impossible in one year, but not in a few more years. Now, I just have to go to work.
No question here, just a big thank you to you and the community!