Thought bridges to losing weight beyond a certain number

Hello, I need help coming up with other thoughts as bridges to my ultimate goal of losing 14 more pounds. I have already lost 18 pounds and weigh less than I would ever imagine in the past. I have broken through a couple of number barriers in the past including 160, 155, but now am finding myself stuck at 154 for a few weeks. My brain is telling me that I will never get past 154. I have done models and intellectually get them, but I would appreciate some help with other bridging thoughts to get me to my goal.

Unintentional model
C Number on the scale
T The scale won’t go below 154
F Hopeless
A Give up
R Eat off plan/gain weight

Intentional Model
C Number on the scale
T Weight loss is inevitable based on my actions (this feels true on some level)
F Committed
A Keep going/figure it out
R Lose weight beyond 154

Thank you!