Thought I dealt with Shame last year… lol.

Brooke, A hard question to ask here but I need your advice. I’m going to bottom line this. I am trying to stay in the observer and get out of all the other emotions I could choose. The one I’m picking up right now is shame. My recent ex-husband is asking me to come clean about my affairs during our marriage.

I’m guilty and one of many reasons I left..I need to work on me. I am not comfortable giving him any additional information as I do not believe he would hold my confidence. He announced my leaving him to his friends and his family on Facebook and continues to give updates on social media..Its a whole new fucked up world out there I just never saw it coming. I want to be in integrity and stop avoiding his question but where do I draw the line?

On one side of my brain, I want it off my mind and walk away, but the other part is afraid..Help..I think I know you are going to tell me to let him tell the world and I’m so scared..I just wanted to go away nicely, and apparently, I was delusional ..I didn’t prepare for the shame..I’ve been working on so many other emotions, and shame feels like so much ASS.