Thought: Don’t you wish others would catch up with your love for your body?

My husband always comments when I wear anything but jeans. He’ll say “you’re wearing that?” Or “why are you wearing shorts/dress/etc?” When it’s hot outside and an obvious choice. I’ve been really focusing on self love, and even though I’ve gained a few pounds I’m really proud of my body and the fact that I have been consistently working out and making better choices.
C: my husband said words to me
T: if he loves me he should love my body too
F: unloved
A: threw a fit and changed out of dress into jeans
R: continued thoughts of resentment towards husband

I know this thought doesn’t serve me. I guess I dont know for sure that he hates my body, but he sure doesn’t convince me otherwise. I need a thought that is maybe more productive than : well F*** you, I love my body, why can’t you?

I apparently have a lot of work to do around beliefs about what is supposed to come out of his mouth. How do I not tell him what to do, but encourage positivity? … just be the example?