Thought Download?

Hi! I am not completely clear on the thought download and have some questions. I feel like if I really emptied all of my thoughts I would need a ton more paper 😉 and way more than 10 mins. My mind is always racing with a zillion thoughts. So my question is, do I just keep dumping and dumping..? and if so, should I do more models to work through stuff quicker? Sorry for the newbie questions! I think I just need a little bit more info or clarification about the thought download.

I know the homework is one unintentional thought model and one intentional, but when I see my thoughts on paper I feel like I need to do a zillion models to get my thoughts going in the right direction!

The first 3 days have been GOLD in helping me realize my thoughts tend to cripple me and usually default to negative.

Should I Categorize my thought downloads to “business”, “personal”, “kids”, etc…