thought download advice

Hi there, I am a diamond here in scholars. Today I thought to review my thought download practice. I decided to do a download of the feelings and then find the associated thought. Here it is:

– frustrated—->”I did not listed to myself once again”
– sad —–> “I have eaten too much these past days I cannot eat now, I have to wait for more intense hunger to arise”
-self-resentful—->”Its one week today that I have been going on eating for reasons different from real hunger”
-neutral—->”this has happened”
-unaccountable—–>”I am already behind with my schedule”
-annoyed—–>”I gained stubborn fat on my abs”
-demotivated—–>”I don’t have the right emotions to move forward today”

I’d like to have your feedback on it and on how you would approach thought work starting from this. It would be a very useful reminder and check on how am I doing it. Thanks a lot!