Thought download and model

I have a question regarding the Model. When I do an intentional download about the future, I want to do the Model, I am stuck because it is all thinking, there is no circumstance that everyone will agree on.
Here is my thought download of the day, if you can give me some insight and help me with the Model.

Relationship with BF
It is a good guy, he wants to marry and have children
What would happen if we divorce for the kids. I don’t want my kids to deal with divorced parents and travelling from one country to another
I will let my parents alone in my country
Don’t want to live in the island, feeling bored, no culture. Slow life.
France is better, culture, activities and not far from family.
But people are sad in France and it will depend on the elections next year too
BF is calm, relaxed because bored, nothing to do, except sleep and go to the beach
Why, not returning to Paris, beautiful city with a lot of culture and things to do
My parents are welcome home and can live with us. Need to talk to him about this
I can come back to the apt that I rent in Paris, but apt is not big. I can go back if I am single and if we don’t agree on stuff
Need to discuss all these details with BF, to see if you are aligned, and as he requested. But then, if we don’t agree, it is the end, while we can see how life will go step by step. But in the same time, it will solve issues ahead of time and see if we can continue the relationship.
Need to impose my decisions and not follow his, as I did with my previous bf.

Thank you for your help.