Thought download and Models

After I do a thought download I choose one thought from the download to write the CTFAR model. Afterwards, should I pick another thought from the same download to work through for a separate model?
Here is an example:
Thoughts I think about myself:
I am a slacker
I feel offended when someone complains that I have not responded to their email
I am not organized
I am not on top of it
I am careless with my work
My colleague thinks I am not doing my job
Screw this, I’m out
There is some truth to all these thoughts above
I am irresponsible
I lack drive
I could automate the email responses to inquiries
I don’t know how to do that
I can figure it out
I don’t have time
I don’t really care
I have other things I’d rather do
No wonder I don’t get it done

That is my thought download. So I pick the thought “I am careless” and write the model:
C – Colleague forwarded email from a person who wrote “I have not gotten a response to my email”
T – I got caught being careless
F – Annoyed
A – I rebel, I complain, make excuses, try to defend myself, look for evidence,
R – I don’t have a good customer service system for inquiries.

My question is: Do i then pick another thought from the download and write another model? How much is too much?

Thank you for your help and insight,