Hi Brooke,
Thanks so much for your coaching on Wednesday.
Here is my assignment:

After listening back to the call I write down the negative thoughts I dropped on the call:

I don’t believe that life coaches make a lot of money
I don’t believe that life coaches have enough money to pay me
I don’t like working with big corporations, only with coaches because we share the same interests and passions
I don’t believe I can make money as a life coach without having a following first
In order to make the amount of money I want I need to launch this marketing business first
Is so much harder to sell personal development than business programs
People pay more for business courses that make you money than for life coaching

My thought download:
“I do believe I am destined for success. I notice my negative beliefs and I see how they are dictating my limited amount of success.
Listening back to the call I realize that what I don’t believe is that I can launch a marketing course that ALSO includes mindset work.
And Ive been living in the paradigm that I need to choose one or the other.
Business seemed like the better option because it seems easier to sell. This is not true. This is an illusion that I have adopted after looking for negative evidence.
I am passionate about helping people with their business AND their mindset but somewhere along the lines I chose to believe that I can’t do both and I need to start with what seems easier to sell.
This belief that “I can’t do both and I need to choose one” doesn’t support me and is causing this constant self doubt and indecisiveness.
What I want to believe is that in my business I can talk about BOTH mindset AND business and that people would want that. Not just ONE or the other.
I get to choose what to believe in and I want to belief that no matter what I launch I will be successful at it.”

I spent the rest of the week looking for evidence that people want courses with both mindset and business. I found a lot of evidence. There are a lot of women out there doing it! Seeing all the competition didnt make me feel like “there is no room for me” as I thought before whenever I found competitors. I started seeing it as validation that what I want to do IS possible.

Here is the question I have for you: On the call you said “assume success doing the funnels program or becoming a life coach, then ask yourself, would you do it all over again?”

On the call I said “I would choose the personal development course over the business program”, but I feel that came from an even deeper negative thought that Ive been unconsciously creating that sounds like this: “I can’t be successful at business” which I discovered after noticing how my confidence has diminished after failing multiple times as an entrepreneur.

I want to believe I am capable of launching a brand that covers BOTH mindset and business. That is what I TRULY want. Assuming success I would want to do that over and over again. I wouldn’t want to choose one or the other.

What questions can I ask myself to make sure I believe this to my core so that I don’t sabotage my progress?