Thought download- day 2

Hello- Here is my unintentional model for today. Not sure what to do with the intentional. I know that my F line of frazzled and frustrated is a number 3 (indulgent). My intentional thought could change to “I chose to put off protocol foods in my mouth and stay up til 1 am” but how does recognizing that help me change and get some traction? I see myself choosing to be a badass so many days since joining scholars but I am not choosing to be a badass for enough days in a row to see tangible changes in my weight or housekeeping. Just putting the right thoughts and feelings into the model doesn’t make me change in the moment. Maybe I need some live coaching.
C: One day following protocol, following day as planned, One day not following protocol and staying up late to watch TV
T: My inconsistency is ruining my progress in scholars
F: Frazzled, frustrated
A: Taking longer to get back on track
R: still inconsistent and fat

C: one day on, one day off
T: I choose what to put in my mouth and what to do with my time.
F: resolute
A: More consistency
R: enough days in a row to see changes

I’m not believing the second model. I am in a cycle of no forward motion. I am learning so much and still not applying things enough to change.