Thought Download hack for the chronically optimistic & positive

It occurred to me tonight while talking with other scholars that I’m not the only scholar who experiences this particular, errr, opportunity. My thought downloads have always been positive with anything negative being a very rare occurrence. I attributed this to having an optimistic/positive bent. I’m 16 months in before I got this AHA moment, but better late than never.

As I was standing in front of the mirror totally nude, some thoughts popped into my head that were “honest” (albeit somewhat kind) assessments of my older-than-I’d-like, overweight, chronically painful body. At that moment I realized it is when I’m standing in front of the mirror in my birthday suit or when I feel like crap and fibromyalgia has a strong grip on me—those are the opportune moments for doing my thought downloads. Not necessarily when I’m in “homework” mode ready to work on SCS stuff. Really and truly, it is those moments I’m feeling really crappy or I’m feeling fear about what the future might look like for my health that working on SCS homework is the furthest thing from my mind and never something I’ve picked up to do in those moments. Until now. Can’t wait to see what all of these new thought downloads will enable me to discover. It will be sooo different than anything that’s come before.

Thanks for everything, Brooke, and your merry gang of fabulous coaches!!

Mary in Dallas