Thought download how/where to learn more about them and stop over eating class question . cp

I’m brand new, and so excited! On the call today Rachel talked a lot about a thought download. Where in the materials/website can I find out more about how to do them specifically?
Also, I joined 4-5 days ago… so I received access to the stop over eating while I was waiting for my materials to arrive. I jumped on the chance to work in the weight loss workbook (thinking I would get it done before my monthly materials arrived) and I blew threw it… (I’m on page 87). Should I have taken way longer to complete it?
Rachel mentioned that we should be working on our focus. My focus is to stop over eating… so did I move through that info too quickly? If this helps, I am just 10# away from my natural weight, (I’ve lost 100 since my very highest but that was 4 years ago and these last 10# are what has crept up and down and up and down and I want them gone forever). I have a good grasp with eating and working out, but I want to completely stop the desire for sugar and flour. I stopped eating them 4 days ago, I’ve been putting all the material into practice and I am down 4#.
So back to my original question, should I have spent longer in the work book?