Thought Download & Models

I just joined a few days ago and have decided to focus 100% on Money. I want to improve my money mindset and build a strong, loving relationship with money and be in a place of abundance and receiving.

I have watched the Money Training in Study Vault and have a page each of PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE money thoughts and it is totally mind-blowing to actually see what’s there.

There is a little bit of overwhelm, but that’s expected when looking at so so so many thoughts.

I have started doing some models and have done models so far on 2 thoughts from PAST, 2 thoughts from PRESENT and 2 thoughts from FUTURE. I have what my current models are for all 6 and have also created my new desired model for each.

My question is – do I work off my 3 pages day by day and keep doing models until I’ve done models on all the thoughts that are there in each of my 3 Thought download pages?

OR do I focus on practicing and believing the 6 new models I have created and work on those becoming my model first?

I have the workbook which recommends a thought download every day – but I have 3 full pages of my thoughts already and feel overwhelmed at the thought of adding more each day with a new thought download.

Looking for some guidance on a coaches recommendation for the best way to tackle this – there is SO MUCH work to do – which I am totally HERE FOR!