Thought Download on Weight Loss

Hi, I am doing a thought download and trying to find the facts vs the thoughts, but I am having trouble. Here is what I wrote:

I want to lose 75 lbs. I use food to cope with anxiety. I cook really good food to please my family and I don’t see how I can easily and sustainably cook for them and eat in a way that is good for my insulin resistance and will produce weight loss. I can’t figure this out! I have ADHD and planning for the rest of my life seems impossible. I can’t stick to anything without white-knuckling for more than a few weeks. I eat too much sugar, junk food, and fast food. Healthy foods are delicious but take so much time and energy to plan, shop for, and prepare, and to risk that family won’t like it is just too costly in every way. I choose to cook highly palatable foods so that I can be certain that everyone eats. I am considering fasting, but I have found I need coffee to get through. Too much coffee increases my anxiety which ramps up my craving for foods that calm me. It is too hard to resist in a moment when a crisis going down in the family. That seems often enough to c0nstantly derail me, lots of mental health issues in the family.

So, are there any facts at all here? Or are they all just thoughts? Is I want to lose 75 lbs the only fact?

C: I want to lose 75 lbs
T: I’ll never figure this out
F: hopeless
A: continue to eat in a way that doesn’t serve me, anxious thought loops, spend energy obsessing about my weight, don’t plan or brainstorm, stay unconscious, stay stuck in excuses, eat mindlessly, judge and blame myself
R: I don’t figure this out

C: I want to lose 75 lbs
T: There has to be away
F: Curious
A: start experimenting, stop judging and blaming myself, collect information, take it one day at a time, be willing to get it wrong and not give up
R: I find a way

I really like my intentional model, but I guess I am just curious about the C line. Also- should I do a model on each and every thought? Is that useful to do? Thanks!