Thought Download Regarding My Marriage

Hi, this is my first thought download. Can you provide feedback for me? I just want to know if I’m on the right track. Thank you so much! XOXO

I want to have a good marriage
I want to have a love-filled home
I want to live in harmony with my husband
I want to like him
I want to have good sex
I want physical affection
I want to feel valued
I want to be respected by my husband
I want him to talk nicely to me
I want to enjoy being around him
I love when we can laugh together
I want to have meaningful and intimate conversations
I don’t want to fight so much
I want to be kissed and held
I don’t like his breath
I don’t enjoy his constant babbling
I wish he would clean up his dishes and the food he drops
I want to see him be joyful
I want him to talk softly at night
I want to sleep with him again if not every night then some nights
I don’t like being around him when he drinks
I don’t like having stupid conversations with him
I want to see his intelligence
I want him to connect to his emotions
I want him to show he loves me
I want to be happy to be around him
I love when he dresses up
I love when he shows he understands what I’m saying
I love when he wears his wedding band

Write down the sentence you want to believe:

I love the quiet nights and how we respect each others space and volume needs. I love
how we appreciate being around each other. I love the flow of our energies.

I love living in a harmonious household. I love the peace I feel at home with my husband.

How does this thought feel when you think it today:

Feels amazing. Feels like exactly what I want. Feels like it would be a lovely way to cohabitate.