Thought Download: Self-Confidence program Dare of the Day

I did a thought download regarding the Dare of the Day homework that Brooke gives in the Self-Confidence module and am looking for some recommendations on which thought(s) to do models on:

– Can’t even think of anything to try
– Before even knowing what it is (the dare), I think “I couldn’t do that”
– Afraid of people’s reactions to me
– Afraid I’ll regret it and beat myself up over and over again
– Stomach clenches or does flip flop every time I remember doing something embarrassing
– Why do I think ‘Dares’ have to be embarrassing?
– Afraid to ask anyone for ideas of dares to try
– I judge people too much for being different
– If this is what it takes to be confident I might rather choose safe
– Why do I think things out of my comfort zone, or new to me, are unsafe?
– What is safe anyway?
– Isn’t it boring and what you joined self-coaching scholars to get away from?
– Well, not exactly, I want to be excited about my life and my future
– Do you have to do dares to be excited about life?
– Where am I compared to where I want to be?
– I think in some ways I’m not even on the map yet
– I feel bad about having such a blessed life and not being more into it
– I have a fantastic home
– I have enough money, for now
– I need more money for retirement, to be able to travel and eat out
– I need something to keep me interested and engaged in life after I retire
– I need enough money to be able to have pets when I retire
– Haha, “travel, eat out, and pets” … interesting how those are the three things that came out first