Thought Download Tornado – Take 2

How do I start a model with my thought download?

Okay, so I tried a thought download today for the first time and anticipated this happening. I wrote all my thoughts down (they were all over the place) and now I don’t know how to tackle this. There is so much there. Maybe you can help. Here is my thought download …

I don’t enjoy exercise anymore. I used to really enjoy it and feel so good when I did it. I had amazing results when I kept to my schedule and I loved being self-motivated. I loved that feeling but don’t have it anymore. I’ve gained too much weight and am so out of shape. Exercise is a challenge. Sometimes the exertion and heat I feel while exercising makes me think, “I’m overweight.” “I’m out of shape.” “I can’t do this.” “It’s not safe.” “I’m going to get hurt or overdo it.” I want to love moving and being active again. I want to look forward to exercise and appreciate how my efforts are changing my body for the better. I would love a buddy who is just starting off and will exercise with me.

So, like I said, this is all over the place. Where do I even begin my models? Should I get a three subject notebook for this one?