Thought download/model

Are these models done to the best?

Thought download: ‘I feel aweful like I just want to run away and hide from others because I feel there are things I want and can’t have. How can I be so confident one day and so unsure the next? I feel alone, yet crave connection. I fear rejection from those I reach out to haven’t heard from. I interpret their silence as they don’t want to be bothered by me. I know I can choose to love another right now, but it feels fake because I don’t see evidence of love returned to me.’

T: I can decide what I can and can’t have.
F: empowered, in control
A: go after what I want. Reach out
R: connection, dreams come true.

T: I am not responsible whether another chooses to receive my love
F: freedom
A: keep loving because I choose to
R: live life of love and joy