Thought downloads

I’m having trouble learning how to do thought downloads. After reading the October materials about eavesdropping on my thoughts from the place of the Watcher, I’ve noticed that the only time I’m able to do thought downloads is when I’m in a lot of emotion and just writing my stream of consciousness as it comes to me, but I’m not separate from that emotion.

When I sit calmly and try to shift into the position of the Watcher, my mind goes completely blank and the only thoughts I have are thoughts like, “Hmm, I don’t have any thoughts right now. Where are all my thoughts?”

I’m not sure how to get into that place of noticing my thoughts when I’m not in the middle of a strong emotion. I usually try to do my scholars time in the early morning when everything is peaceful and my thoughts haven’t spiraled out of control yet for the day. Do I try to remember the thoughts that I was focusing on the day before? I really want to get as much possible out of this month, so I really hope I can figure this out. Thank you