Thought Downloads

I notice when I do thought downloads they are usually a series of questions.  When I go to do a model, I’m not quite sure what the thought is.  For example, today I wrote:  Are clients really coming to me?  If so, when?  How can I attract more clients?  Who wants and needs my services?  Is my marketing inspiring?  What’s the best next step for me to take?

I looked at the first question, “Are clients really coming to me?” and here’s how I started the model:
C – No consults scheduled
T – (?) maybe, I don’t believe clients are coming
F – frustrated
A – spinning in my head, looking for the next strategy to try, questioning and 2nd guessing myself, continuing with the daily actions I’ve been doing
R – (?) possibly repelling clients

Next question – How can I attract more clients?
C – No new clients since January
T – (?) I’m not attracting clients or What I’m doing isn’t working
F – confused
A – questioning, 2nd guessing myself, looking for the next program to buy, asking others’ opinions on what to do, doing thought downloads to try and solve and change my thoughts
R – Chasing my tail, still no new clients

Thanks for your help!