Thought Downloads

I am getting so excited about using thought downloads. However, When I try to use them to create a specific MODEL I keep getting … split models? Thats what the coach said on the webinar. Where one negative thought leads to a positive result. I guess that’s not how it’s done. So a negative feelings… doubt, guilt, shame, embarrassment, upset, unsupported, alone, harassed, insulted, defensive… I’m sure you get my drift. They all lead to negative results? so, when I make a thought download I have to make a different model for each feeling. then describe them and my negative result… sleeping in, doing nothing, binging with movies, whatever it takes to dull the feeling- but not an action thats productive. like make a resume- because I HAVE to… this is done because of another feeling? I have thoughts and feelings and most of the time good solid circumstances. but actions like getting up and greeting the day, taking a walk, enrolling in classes and the like are an action because of a positive thought or feeling? and never a negative one. I have a pretty good routine down so thats pretty easy. Its getting detailed and precise that I am after. Are there ways to construct it more on purpose? (So I don’t go off on tangents)

P.S. Last night I sat there and thought about all of those negatives… I had to try it twice before I could sit there and EXPERIENCE my negative emotions. It took an hour! But that is progress because before I just ignored them and focused on the positive thoughts I wanted to be having.(I’m thinking this has some elements of urges- like run away, eat or ignore, now that I think of it.) I got to allow them to wash over me and allow them to become peaceful to me instead of threatening. That was a very beneficial gift. Thank you!