Thought downloads, am I doing them "right"?

I was just reading the October content. I always thought that a thought download was like a brain dump. When I write everything that’s going on in my brain exactly how it’s happening at that moment. But what I read seems like that’s not the correct way to do a thought download. It says that first we need to step over to a space of thinking about our thoughts, or eavesdropping on our thoughts. How did I not know this before now?? I’ve been doing this work for years, and have just gotten certified as a coach through the life coach school and didn’t know there was a correct way to do a thought download. I want all the deets asap. If there’s a way to streamline the process from thought download to model please explain it to me! As I was attempting to do a thought download in this new (for me) way, I have some questions. When I stop to think about my thinking, it feels like my thoughts lose their momentum and I don’t know what I think anymore. Kind of like stage fright. Also, my thoughts seem to get really dry. And then it feels like I’m making things up. I am usually pretty emotional when I do a thought download, so maybe it’ll just take practice to do it this new way? The October content says that a thought download shouldn’t be emotional. Any helpful thoughts or ideas would be awesome