Thought downloads and daily homework

I’ve been in Scholars for a few months already but only recently committed to doing the daily work. When I start doing the thought download I usually start with very negative thoughts. I don’t beat myself up, but rather go into the space of the observer and think “oh that’s interesting”. I had no idea what kind of thoughts are floating in my head until I put pen to paper!!! Wow!

What I’ve realized though is that as I continue to do my thought download I start to flip my thoughts to more positive ones. Here’s an example.

“Does doing a thought download really make any difference?” …. More negative unrelated thoughts. “I’m proud of myself for doing this.” ‘I’m creating a positive habit.” “I won’t see the results immediately but after a few months if I stick to this habit my life will be unrecognizable.”

My question is, if my thought download looks like the above example should I still pick a negative thought and do the unintentional and intentional model? As an example, one of the unrelated negative thoughts in my thought download was “I feel overwhelmed”.

Would that be a good thought to pick in this case for the two models? Or as I’ve shifted my thinking through the thought download is that enough? Maybe I’m trying to get away with doing as little work as possible…

Thanks for any input.