Thought downloads and the Model

I had my private coach this week and was told I could forward my model to you for feedback. I joined about 3 weeks ago (?) for the weight loss program. I have been doing my thought downloads and then take a thought or feeling that is interesting or charged and run through the model. My scale has been at the exact same weight for 6 days despite strictly adhering to protocol (fasting from 7 pm to 12 noon; 2 meals a day of veggies, protein and some fat; no sugar, flour; lots of water and walking min one hour per day). I can’t possibly remove more calories. I am hungry and weak often. I’m 5’3″, @ 156 lbs, 56 year old female. Here is my model from last night post my thought download. Lots of fear around being “stuck” and not “winning”. Also lots of fear around my body not responding.

C: Weighed in Thursday June 18 at 156.
T: I will fail
F: fear
A: ? is this an action I typically do when i feel fear or in this one particular situation after getting off the scale and seeing 6 days in a row @ 156? If what do I do when I feel fear, I shut down, withdraw, eat and binge on netflix.
R: Disconnect, withdraw, gain weight.

My question, where do I go from here?

Thank you!