I have some doubts about thought downloads and models, that I want to receive advice.

When I wake up, I take a shower, then I meditate 20-30 minutes then I do a though download more or less 10 minutes, and then I do 2 models.

I have some doubts about the thought download. Many times, even though I wake up confused and agitated, after my meditation I feel joyful and peaceful, so many bad thoughts don’t come to my mind.

Is that ok? Can I do the models with good thoughts? Should I do the thought download and models at another time?

Secondly, sometimes I don’t have many things to write, mainly when I’m in a good mood. Do you have some questions to get thoughts to surface?

I don’t have any problem with the C, T, F lines, but I have difficulties with the A-line and mostly with the R line. I’m going to upload 3 models and I would like to receive your comments about them.

1st MODEL:
Starting with a circumstance.
C: My right hand in the company asked me for a raise.
T: He is asking for too much.
F: Fearful
A: I avoid him, I react in a passive-aggressive way, I overthink, I tolerate behaviors that I don’t like or just the opposite I talk him aggressively.
R: I don’t feel well about our relationship.

2nd MODEL:
Starting with a feeling:
C: Discussing his salary.
T: If I don’t make an agreement with him I’ll be in trouble.
F: Scared.
A: I react in a passive-aggressive way, I avoid him, I try to not to talk with him, watch TV at night, overdrink a little bit (not nowadays because I’m in zero alcohol mood)
R: I set myself up for failure ahead of time in order to fix our relationship, by trying to not deal with the circumstance.

3rd MODEL:
Starting with a feeling:
C: I meditate, I coach myself, I do sport, I practice English, and I manage my company
T: I’ve many things to do and limited time.
F: overwhelmed
A: I quit some of them, I follow doing everything but I feel anxious, I hang out and drink with family and friends to get distracted.
R: I’m stressed out and little focused.