thought downloads on Work and Model feedback.

This last week a huge part of my thoughts are on work. I’m in healthcare and my thoughts are: it’s such a broken system, insurance companies have so much control on what I can do, I’m I making a difference, I’m I helping anyone, can I do this for 30 more years…I’m so exhausted, it’s messy with my mind……I’m having trouble with my model and would love some feedback on a better thought I can start to think. I love being a Physical Therapist but really struggling this last year and realizing now my thoughts need to improve so I can continue with this career. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

C: work in healthcare system
T: we have such a broken system
F: frustrated, defeated
A: complain,
R: difficulty showing up

C; work in healthcare system
T: ?
F: proud, energized, confident
A: do the best I know how for each patient
R: Show up