Thought drama about protocol, planning and vegan husband

I bought Brenda Lomeli’s Last 10 ebook and want to implement her suggested protocol (no sugar, no flour, no dairy with minimal carbs and one joy eat to start) with SCS coaching. I’m becoming less resistant to doing this. I haven’t yet. I’m having trouble getting started, it’s pretty obvious what to eat. I keep finding excuses for not doing it. Among them are “I’m too stressed and busy to cook this stuff” and also “my vegan husband is going to flip out over me eating meat or eggs at every meal”. My husband follows a low fat, high carb vegan diet and is committed to it for what he believes is health reasons. I went vegan for two years and felt terrible, even with tracking nutrients and supplementing. Adding meat back in made me very quickly lose weight, though I’m plateaued out with around 10-15 to go depending on the week. I’m choosing to believe that doing this new protocol will help with hormones and weight, though this means no more sharing meals with my family, as they’re still eating lots of carbs. I’m resistant to making 3 sets of meals separately every day and also the pushback from my husband who’s convinced I’m going to have a heart attack if I eat too much meat. I think the thought there is “what if he’s right?” While I was vegan I read a lot of books obsessively over the benefits of being plant based. I think I might have caused a cognitive bias there that I’m afraid to go against. I’ve sort of compromised by eating minimal meat throughout the week to keep my hunger down and my mood more stable.