Thought error


I just discovered that when I’m thinking, “I’ll never finish decluttering my home” I create the F of disempowered/incapable which drives actions like, of course, buffering and bringing some new things in to “save time later” and so of course my R is more mess!

So I want to work on my T “I’m going to save time if I bring this back home now” but the F I feel then is hope so I dug around and realized that finally this T is coming from scarcity but is scarcity a F ?

It seems to me that this T is like a T error. It sounds nice first but in fact it drives me to take actions that doesn’t serve me at all.

My problem right now is that at the right moment it pops up in my head it seems to be a really good idea and it seems to create “hope”/”motivation” to gather things to bring home to save time in my week later.

So it’s like this T is an action from my previous model and when I do a new model with this T I don’t know which F to put in my F line. Of course hope is not the right one because then as a positive F it would create productive actions and it comes from scarcity but the chronological way of the model is that the F comes after the T so how do I know if my scarcity created that T ?!

I would like to have some help, please.

Thank you all for your amazing job with us: that’s a life changer !!!!