Is this a thought or a fact ? Am I doing the intentional mode right ?

Hi Brooke ,
I did my thought download and I picked this: “ I am addicted to sugar and flour and I am hopeless about it”
Part of it is a fact , but then the thought will be the “ I’m hopeless about it” part ?
This was my very first model.
C: job, family
T: I’m addicted to sugar and flour and I’m hopeless about it
F: anxious , overwhelmed , frustrated
A: break my fasting , go looking for anything (with sugar and flour ) to eat
R: overeating , low self-esteem , overweight

The intentional model:
C: job, family
T: I can overcome addition to sugar and flour
F: confident , compassion for my self
A: i can observe my self feel hungry without going in panic mode
R: I stick to my protocol , boast in self esteem and loose weight

Is this right ?