Thought: I can’t go below a certain weight

I’ve lost 15 kgs over 4 years, steadily and happily, yet in the last year I am stuck at a certain weight & can’t get past this thought “I can’t go below a certain weight.” I want to go down 5 more kgs, as I’m still slightly overweight. I took this thought to my 20 min session yesterday. It had felt completely stuck & unopened and I was fascinated how much came out in my discussion with the coach. Following that I ran 3 models on it, all unintentional & could say there’s lots there.

Could you help me start moving towards an intentional model? Not sure how to begin with that. I hope the models below are self explanatory.

C: number on scale now; future goal weight
T: I can’t go below a certain weight
F: discouraged
A: add a small amount of food to my plan thus remain same weight
lose that determination & forward momentum in my weight loss actions when I have that feeling
thus create evidence of my inability to go beyond a certain weight
R: stay the same weight

C: number on scale now; future goal weight
T: a 48 year old woman can’t lose that weight
F: shame (for wanting to lose the weight?)
A: avoid certain clothes and sometimes neglect my appearance
tell myself stories about menopause, hormones, weight gain
don’t notice evidence around me of plenty of women who are my age and thin / sexy, forget my own evidence – that I’ve lost more than 15 kgs over 4 years and this is just the last stretch of weight loss, create meal plans that somehow achieve homeostasis rather than momentum when I get to a certain point, ask myself questions about ‘what will people think’
R: stay the same weight

C: number on scale now; future goal weight
T: when I was last at that low weight (18 years ago) I lost control of my life
F: fear
A: tell myself stories about danger: being a lower weight will equal loss of control, over-excitement, ‘wildness’, don’t notice my evidence of 4 years of steady, stable weight loss recently, where nothing radical happened in my life when losing weight apart from… losing weight, remind myself of that feeling 18 years ago and scare myself, maybe part of me remembering my youth and that ‘wild’ period in my life & wishing for it, complicated feelings emerge from that too, ask myself with fear what would it be like to be that same weight as back then, would it unsettle my current life?
R: stay the same weight