Thought: I Let Myself Go Fat Again. Shame.

Can you please offer me some guidance and coaching on this model?

C: See my before and today photos.
T: I let myself get fat.
F: Shame.
A: I don’t focus on the now. I tell myself as if that place will be better. I eat thinking what’s the point now. I perpetuate the cycle of getting fat. I don’t allow my mind to change and evolve. I keep thinking about the same BS thoughts. I don’t show up with pride in my business. I don’t tune in with my body and follow my plan. I don’t make a specific plan to eat. I bite my nail in anxiety. I waste time in wishful thinking instead of doing the work.
R: I make myself fatter.

I am wondering — what are some intentional thoughts I can practice that will allow me to enjoy the process and bring my attention to the NOW?