Thought in the C-Line — when does this work?

I understand one can have a THOUGHT in the CIRCUMSTANCE line. For example, could this look like:

C: I resist following my protocol.
T: I don’t trust myself to following a protocol.
F: Uncommitted
A: Beat myself up. Hesitate to write a protocol. Start out eating on the protocol, but veer off of it. I don’t keep my word to myself.
R: I create mistrust in myself.

An alternative, narrower model, with a more typical C-line — something observable and not a thought:

C: I have written a protocol for two of the past 180 days.
T: I don’t want to write a protocol in case I want to eat something I don’t write down.
F: Uncommitted
A: I don’t follow a protocol. I eat off of protocol. I don’t keep my word to myself.
R: I prevent myself from committing to writing a protocol.

Many thanks.