Thought Loops, procrastination and primitive brain, oh my! (And a tiger too)

I am relatively new to LCS podcast (about 4 months) and Scholars (this is my third month). I’m going back through past podcasts and listening to things I think will help me most. Yesterday, I listened to Thought Loops (#136) and later on I saw the question another Scholar posted about Procrastination. You said: “Procrastination is usually caused by your primitive brain wanting you to believe that doing that big new thing is dangerous, just because it thinks that all change is dangerous. It’s not productive to do thought work on these thoughts because you cant’ reason with your primitive brain.”

That got me to thinking, actually – my head exploded, then I started thinking after I glued it back together… What about all the worry thought loops about ri.dic.u.lous stuff that hasn’t ever happened and probably won’t?

Here’s my question: Do all thought loops (errors) come out of the primitive brain? Should I not be trying to model my way to a better thought in these cases? Or is that like trying to argue with the past? Maybe it depends on the specifics?

On a similar note, I want to share something I heard in my meditation class this morning. The teacher related a story of a caveman who went into his cave and drew a painting of a tiger on his cave wall. Later, he came back to the cave, saw the picture of the tiger and screamed “Tiger!!!” And he ran for his life. So, that’s what we do all the time. It was me who drew the picture of the tiger in the first place. I should know it is not real and not be afraid.