Thought loops – worst case scenario –

I’m working really hard on ending toxic thought loops that have had years and years of habit behind them. This morning, my son woke up with a minor cold. No fever, just a common cold, and my mind is running wild with worst case scenario. Things like – there goes the rest of my work week. I’m going to have to cancel the next 3 days of meetings to stay home with him, etc.

LOGICALLY – I know likely, this isn’t true. Sometimes his colds are just minor colds and he doesn’t even miss a day of school. Sometimes he does have to stay home for a day or two but if I look at my past… I still get my work done, I survive. It’s not the end of the world at all.

BUT – I feel anxiety in my chest, nerves, my mind literally goes to these dumb places of worst case scenario every single time this happens. I’m frustrated with myself.

I’m TRYING to choose thoughts that speak to logic like… “My brain thinks it’s important to worry about something that may not even happen. My brain is running amuck and this stops now”

Thanks to almost of year of SCS I am very quick to see my thoughts when they are haywire. I’m past the point of observing them. I see them! I can predict them! I tell myself “I’m giving up worry in my life. It’s pointless and doesn’t serve me.”

Sometimes that works. Sometimes its as if that squashes the other thoughts of worry. And it ends there.

Other times, like this morning… they just keep creeping back in.

Any other suggestions on what I can do here? I’m actually very, very over this thought pattern and habit and ready to be done with it!!