Thought loops

Hi Brooke

I noticed I kept thinking a thought that i’m scared and creeped out that made me feel scared, umcomfortable and anxious. I wanted to blame the C but i knew it was me who created this feeling for myself cause i kept going back to this thought and i tried to feel the feelings but as my thought kept looping i choose to buffer it away instead. I wanted to ask for help on what to do incase it happens again as the security guard at work has been sending me private messages on facebook. I have thoughts that these messages are creepy, odd, scary, what if he tries something on with me. Then i have been looking to the past and thinking what if he attacks me cause i was abused before my brother as a child. I tried to tell myself the past has nothing to do with my present situation but i noticed this a habit for me to feel scared in situations with men as i have thoughts like what if i give them the wrong impression or they try something with me which create worry, anxiety and fear for me. I then noticed i was looking for more evidence by asking and tell other people at work and that kept reinforcing the fear, worry and my anxiety. I also started to blame myself like i did in the past with ny brother, that it was my fault for being too friendly etc

I’m indulging in confusion and doubt now. I want to avoid going down the corridor where his office is based as i don’t want to bump into him as i’m scared to see him and want to avoid him. I’ve blocked him on facebook but i don’t know if i should be courageous and intentionally walk that way or avoid it as i do think there is something not right with him. I want to keep making progress as i had not buffered for 4 days before i had these thoughts after he sent these messages and i don’t want this thought to keep looping if i do see him at work